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Epiq'ly Contoured Reduction Treatment

Fat reduction treatments refer to any intervention that removes or reduces the amount of unwanted fat on the body. Fat reduction treatments typically address the stubborn adipose fat that is difficult to eliminate with regular diet and exercise methods. For some patients, unwanted body fat is caused by a genetic predisposition to store additional fat as well as by weight gain, hormonal changes associated with menopause or andropause, pregnancy, and even medications.

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Epiq'ly Contoured Wellness Studio offers treatments that can be done In-house at our facility or delivered to your home as a DIY treatment. We supply easy to understand instructions that are safe and simple when followed as directed. 

All In House treatments are customized to your specific needs. Sessions are performed by an experienced professional who you can consult with before the sessions begin.


We Offer :

* SIngle Sessions ( 1x Sessions ) 2-hr est time frame. Times vary based on treatment(s) delivered.


* Packages Sessions ( 4x Session ) 2-hr est time frame. Times vary based on treatment(s) delivered.

4x Sessions are offered at a discounted rate

Consultation (Recommended) We can share treatment plans that will work best for you.

• Single Sessions (1x treatment appointments) for touch ups and quicker appointments

• 4 Sessions Packages (4 - Treatments) These are sessions that target problem areas more effectively.  Our packages are discounted compared to industry standard cost.

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Epiqly Contoured Wellness Studio

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